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Marc Bolan was born Mark Feld on 30 September 1947 in Hackney, East London, to parents Phyllis and Simeon Feld. Marc grew up, with his older brother, Harry, in a tough but friendly community in a working class area of London where, to be part of a gang, was part of the act of survival. However, Marc chose quite early on to become an individual and stylised himself to become one of the faces around town, subsidising his want for clothing by working in establishments such as a Wimpy burger bar, and the now legendary 2Is coffee bar in Londons West End. While still in his teens, Marc, under the pseudonym of Toby Tyler, recorded Blowin In The Wind . a song by his hero, Bob Dylan. From 1965 onwards, he began his solo recordings proper, under the name of Marc Bolan. The Wizard, The Third Degree, and Hippy Gumbo were all released to little or no acclaim.

Although Bolan had been getting minor hits with previous compositions, such as Debora, and One Inch Rock, it wasnt until the infectious Ride A White Swan that really began to make Marc and T.Rex a household name. Peaking at No.2 in the charts in 1970, it paved the way for the now newly abbreviated T.Rex.

In the early 70s Bolan and co., could do no wrong and the hits just kept on coming. Telegram Sam, and Metal Guru, both hit the No.1 spot. Other top 5 hits such as the heavy chorded Children Of The Revolution, the metallic 20th Century Boy, and the sexiness of The Groover proved to the sceptics that Bolan was no one-hit-wonder.

Tragically, Bolan died in a car accident aged 29, on 16 September 1977, just two weeks before his 30th birthday, while travelling home with Gloria after a lively and enjoyable evening at Mortons, an exclusive club in Knightsbridge. Marc leaves behind a legacy that still dominates the lives of thousands of fans worldwide, still itching to get hold of anything that Marc wrote, touched or recorded....

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