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L. Townsell and People
La Lupe
La Plata Sexette
La Rissa
LaBelle, Patti
Lamont Johnson
Landreth, Sonny
Lane, Mike
Langer, Clive and The Boxes
Langford, Bonnie
Lark, Johnnie
Lastilia, Roberto
Latimore Brown
Latin House Crew Feat. Mario "Smokin'" Diaz
Lattimore Brown
Laurent X
Laurie Johnson's London Big Band
Lauriece Hudson
Lawrence, Vincent
Lawson, Dave
Le Noiz
Leavill, Otis
Lee `Ya Ya' Dorsey
Lee Fields
Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Lee, Bill
Lee, Byron & The Dragonaires
Lee, Harry
Lee, Jimmie
Lee, John
Lee, Laura
Lee, Sammie
Lemon Sol
Lena Horne
Lenny, Dino
Leon, Eddie
Levy, Barrington
Lewis, Carter And The Southerners
Lexy & K Paul
Libra Libra
Lieutenant Pigeon
Life on Mars
Lightnin' Hopkins
Lightnin' Slim
Lil Devious
Li'l Mike And The Clowns
Lil' Mike and The Clowns
Lili (Treasure and Cash)
Lili Feat. Treasure and Cash
Lima Jazz Band
Linda Hibberd
Linden, Colin
Lindsay, Jimmy
Line Backers, The
Liquid Art
Liquid Life
Little Bo and Orchestra
Little Brother Montgomery
Little Jimmy Merrit
Little Richard
Little Shelton and Memphis
Little Son Joe
Littlejohn, Johnny
Lloyd And The Grovers
Lockwood, Robert Jr
Lofgren, Nils
Loftis, Craig
Loleatta Holloway
London Punkharmonic Orchestra, The
London Theatre Orchestra The
London Theatre Orchestra, The
Lopez, Wally
Lord Tanamo
Los Clavelitos
Lost and Alive
Lost Generation, The
Lost It Crew feat. Jimmy A
Lost Planet
Lost Witness
Lotis, Dennis
Lotis, Dennis and The Laurie Holliway Trio
Louis Armstrong
Lounge Assins
Love, Holly and The Teddy Simms Dreamy Five
Lovejoy, Ronnie
Lovejoy, Ronnie featuring Carol Bell
Loxam, Arnold at the Odeon Leeds
Lucky Carter
Luigi Arditi
Luke (Clean)
Lukk feat. Felicia Collins
Lynch, Curtis
Lynn, Barbara
Lynn, Jeannie
Lynn, Vera