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Chi-Lites Hit Features In New 3G T.V Campaign

70’s Soul Legends the “Chi-Lites” have had the track “Have You Seen Her” used for the latest 3G Mobile advert , which people have described as, “The crazy Japanese music police advert”.


You may have seen the abstract advert and wondered ‘what is that track?’, as a quick scour of the internet will show that the ad campaign has captured the minds and ears of the public. 


The advert starts with a woman having a party with odd shaped containers, and when her and the guests open them they begin to play music (Chi-Lites) which has a narcotic effect on them. Suddenly the police, who are wearing giant red earphones, breaks up their party. The host of the party helps her escape, but not before throwing one of the odd containers at her pursuers. The captain of the police who led the raid on the party confiscates the odd container and starts using it in his bathroom.


Boasting 25 R&B hits (11 of which went top 10) and out-selling the likes of The Commodores, Otis Redding and Barry White in record sales, the Chi-Lites is available for compilation and synchronization licensing through

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