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Album of the Week: Martin Stephenson "Sweet Misdemeanour"

Martin Stephenson is a supremely gifted singer, songwriter, musician and performer, whose career in music stretches back now almost twenty years. Born in County Durham, in the North-East of England, on the 27th. July 1961, Martin was initially fired up to play in a band when the Punk Rock phenomenon went over-ground in the late 1970's. Then, as now, however, Martin's free spirit incorporated a love for an eclectic range of musical styles, from Rockabilly, show tunes, through to straight ahead rock and full-tilt Punk.

He convened ‘The Daintees’ in the early 80's, the name deliberately chosen as a response to the humourlessness and angst of much of the music of the time. The Daintees became one of the first bands to sign with the Newcastle-upon-Tyne based independent label, Kitchenware, and their debut single, "Roll On Summertime" was a sparkling, cheerful item that announced the arrival of a considerable new talent.

Martin left London in 1993, and also severed his ties with the Kitchenware management team. He signed to Demon Records, for whom he made three, highly acclaimed albums "Yogi in My House", "Sweet Misdemeanour" (both 1995) and "Beyond the Leap, Beyond The Law" (1997).

With tracks such “Tremolo Man”, a song reminiscent of Pulp Fiction’s “Misirlou” by Dick Dale & His Del-Tones , and “Candy man”, Martin Stephenson’s music is ideal for synchronization projects and compilations.

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