77 Tracks available to licence from p-and-p

Little Scotty
Mr Fox
Little Starsky
Two Hype
The Imperial Three
Fresh Female
CC Crew
Naomi Peterson
Super Coper & Clarence Breakers
Brisko The Kidd
Fly Guy
Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew
Sweet G
Lavaba & E. Mallison
Margo’s Kool Out Crew
Spoonin G
Troy Rainey
Margie Lomax
Wayne Forde & Stereo
Foster Jackson Group
Otis Turner & The Mighty Kingpins
Florence Miller
Scott Davis & The Movements
Smokie Brook
Sentimental Souls
Henry Brooks
Florence Miller
Otis Turner
Scott Davis & The Movements
Ella Hamilton
Florence Miller
Eddie Owen
Wild Honey
Sons Of Darkness
Play Track name Artist name Date Time Tempo
Shout At The Disco (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 2012 5.00 Fast
Smooth Talk (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 1980 7.49 Medium
Gangster Rock (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 1979 7.41 Medium
Hip Shaker (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 1985 3.48 Fast
It’s Rough (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 1985 5.17 Medium
Roller Rooster Rap Dance (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 2012 5.03 Medium
CC Crew Rap (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 1980 11.04 Fast
Sweet Naomi Rap (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 1980 6.42 Medium
Win Jesse Win (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 2012 4.30 Medium
This Is the Way You Do the Breakdance (Club 12″ Mix) P&P 1984 8.41 Medium