Genre: Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter. 14 tracks available to license

Play Track name Artist name Date Time Tempo
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Live) Caravan 1992 6.50 Fast
Gorbachev Cocktail/I Am Your Animal (Live) Caravan 1992 6.52 Fast
Halfway Between Heaven And Earth (Live) Caravan 1992 8.20 Fast
Head Loss (Live) Caravan 2014 4.40 Fast
Head Loss (Live) Caravan 1992 4.30 Fast
Hobbit (Live) Caravan 1992 2.45 Fast
I Am You (Live) Caravan 2015 9.46 Medium
I Am You (Live) Caravan 1992 9.53 Medium
I Can’t Keep From Crying (Live) Caravan 1992 10.34 Fast
I Want You To Be My Baby (Live) Caravan 1992 6.08 Medium
If I Could Do It All Over Again (Live) Caravan 2014 3.15 Fast
If I Could Do It All Over Again (Live) Caravan 1992 3.21 Fast
I’m Goin’ Home (Live) Caravan 1992 9.49 Medium
In The Land Of Grey And Pink (Live) Caravan 1992 4.43 Medium