Genre: Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Vocal/Nostalgia, Irish, Jazz, Classical, Easy Listening, Choral, Country. 14 tracks available to license

Play Track name Artist name Date Time Tempo
Cam’ Ye O’er Frae France (Live) Horslips 2015 4.54 Medium
Christus Redemptor (“Hyfrydol”) Horslips 2008 3.34 Medium
Courtin’ in the Kitchen Horslips 2015 3.17 Fast
Danny Boy (Londonderry Serenade) Horslips 1940 2.19 Medium
Dearg Doom (Acoustic Radio Version) Horslips 1973 3.07 Fast
Deep Harmony (“Wrth edrych Iesu ar dy Groes”) Horslips 2008 7.15 Medium
Deryn y bwn o’r Banna Horslips 2008 1.23 Medium
Dirty Linen (Live) Horslips 1979 4.18 Fast
Do You Hear the People Sing? Horslips 2008 2.40 Slow
Father O’Flynn|Haste To The Wedding|The Irish Washerwoman Horslips 1997 3.35 Medium
Flatback Caper (Live) Horslips 1979 6.40 Medium
Following Me (Live) Horslips 2015 3.58 Fast
From A Distance (Live) Horslips 2015 5.16 Fast
Galway Bay Horslips 1947 3.05 Medium