Joe Lynch

Genre: Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Vocal/Nostalgia, Irish, Jazz, Classical, Easy Listening, Choral, Country. 14 tracks available to license

Play Track name Artist name Date Time Tempo
A Strange And Foreign Land Joe Lynch 2013 4.34 Medium
Abide With Me Joe Lynch 2008 5.25 Medium
All Around My Hat (Live) Joe Lynch 2015 4.11 Fast
Amazing Grace (“23rd Psalm”) Joe Lynch 2008 4.12 Medium
Amen Joe Lynch 2008 2.49 Medium
Any Drug Will Do Joe Lynch 2013 4.22 Fast
At The End Of A Long Lonely Day Joe Lynch 1987 3.57 Medium
Battle Hymn of the Republic Joe Lynch 2008 3.50 Medium
Beautiful Dreamer Joe Lynch 2008 3.01 Medium
Bird From The Mountain (Live) Joe Lynch 2015 4.57 Medium
Black Jack Davy (Live) Joe Lynch 2015 4.39 Fast
Bridge Over The River Ash (Live) Joe Lynch 1979 3.19 Medium
Burning Bridges Joe Lynch 2017 3.20 Fast
Calm is the Sea Joe Lynch 2008 2.24 Medium