Roy Head

Genre: Christmas, Singer-Songwriter, Soul / R&B, Country, Vocal/Nostalgia. 14 tracks available to license

Play Track name Artist name Date Time Tempo
Baby’s Not Home Roy Head 1974 2.54 Medium
Before You Accuse Me Roy Head 1999 2.18 Fast
Bring It To Jerome Roy Head 1988 3.04 Fast
Do What You Can Do Roy Head 1999 2.37 Fast
Don’t Want To Make It Too Funky Roy Head 1970 2.42 Medium
Double Your Satisfaction Roy Head 1970 2.32 Fast
Drivin’ Wheel Roy Head 1966 3.53 Medium
Get Out Of My Life Woman Roy Head 1977 3.04 Medium
How Do You Think I Can Live With Somebody Roy Head 1999 2.29 Fast
I Can’t Stand It Roy Head 1999 2.43 Medium
I Was Born A Free Man Roy Head 1970 1.54 Fast
I’m Not A Fool Anymore Roy Head 1970 2.40 Fast
Let A Woman Be A Woman Roy Head 1970 3.27 Medium
Mama Mama Roy Head 1999 2.37 Fast