The Dells

Genre: Soul / R&B, Christmas. 14 tracks available to license

Play Track name Artist name Date Time Tempo
Ain’t It A Shame The Dells 1981 4.55 Medium
All About The Paper The Dells 1980 5.29 Fast
All About The Paper The Dells 1980 5.31 Fast
Happy Song The Dells 1981 4.17 Fast
(Heaven’s Just A Step Away) Everytime I Hold You The Dells 1981 3.13 Fast
How Can We Find The Love We Lost When We Don’t Know How It Got Away The Dells 1981 4.52 Fast
I Touched A Dream The Dells 1980 5.21 Fast
Is It It? The Dells 1981 4.12 Fast
It Took A Woman Like You To Make A Man Out Of Me The Dells 1981 4.57 Fast
Just A Little Joy The Dells 1980 3.56 Fast
Look At Us Now The Dells 1980 3.36 Medium
Passionate Breezes The Dells 1980 5.35 Medium
So You Are Love The Dells 1980 5.10 Fast
Stay In My Corner The Dells 1968 6.24 Fast