1. Val Doonican – Walk Tall as featured in the Vanquis Credit Card ad campaign

    Breaking on ITV1 (Wednesday 2nd June), represents the Vanquis customer in the form of a cat. He is walking tall on his hind legs, confident, happy and proud, having taken his first steps to improve his finances with a Vanquis credit card. The ad, set to Val Doonican’s ‘Walk Tall’, symbolises the feeling that a…

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  2. Young Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut features in the Vision Express “Marvin” campaign

    Young Holt Unlimited ‘s classic soul instrumental from 1968 “Soulful Strut” is the bed track for the Vison Express ad campaign. Marvin started off life as a simple sketch. Then by adding details like his fur, facial expressions and shaping his nose, we created Marvin’s character. Finally, we added his glasses from Vision Express and…

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