1. Love Island season 8 – Average White Band – Let’s Go Round Again

    Average White Ban – Lets Go Round Again featured in episode 32 of this years Love Island.  Casa Amor’s most dramatic re-coupling ever as Islanders make their decisions.  Here’s a  link to listen to the original hit recording, plus mixes and lots of other great tracks from the bands catalogue

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  2. The Newsreader – Men without Hats – Safety Dance

    Men without Hats – Safety Dance features in ABC Australia drama series “The Newsreader”. Starring Mindhunter’s Anna Torv, the series is set in 1986 and follows an Australian nightly news show and the journalists that work there.  “The Newsreader takes us back to 1986 – when Halley’s Comet was a must see, the AIDS crisis…

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  3. Industry season 2 – Donna Summer

    Donna Summer “State of Independence” features in the end scene of episode 2 “The Giant Squid” season 2, as Harper lands a huge client.  The song adds a unique contract to the shows tense atmosphere, as Harper emerges triumphant from her negotiation, collects her thoughts and walks back into the office to the acclaim of…

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