Loudon Wainwright III sampled by DJ Shadow on Action Adventure album

A line from Loudon Wainwright III’s 1986 folk ballad “Expatriot,” taken from the 1986 album “More Love Songs”.  The song  – written about a man leaving home, becomes the centrepiece of “All My,” a blistering ode to crate-digging that would feel right at home at a Chicago footwork party.  “All My” cuts up a vocal sample of Loudon Wainwright III singing “All my records and tapes” over stuttering, footwork-style kick drums and trap hi-hats, making one of the album’s clearest (and most successful) nods to contemporary music.  Action Adventure is DJ Shadow’s seventh solo LP, an inward-looking project, made for Shadow alone without any collaborators. DJ Shadow explains, “This album is about my relationship to music. My life as a collector and curator. All my records and tapes. Listen to the original track and album here