Sir Douglas Quintet – She’s About A Mover features in new FX show Reservation Dogs

Sir Douglas Quintet’s classic “She’s About A Mover” features in the  upcoming American comedy TV series created by BAFTA, Grammy and Academy award winner Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo  on FX which follows the lives of four indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma.

Legendary Texan group, the Sir Douglas Quintet mixed country, blues, jazz, R&B, Mexican and British rock & roll to form one of the most influential groups to emerge from Texas during the 1960s British invasion.  Brainchild of Houston producer Huey P Meaux, who at the height of the British Invasion took a stack of  Beatles records into a hotel room and studied them while getting drunk on wine. He found that the beats often resembled those of Cajun dance songs and hit upon the idea of a group that could blend the two sounds well enough to fool  Beatles fans into giving a local band a chance. Huey told Sahm his idea, who quickly formed a band featuring childhood friend Augie Meyers on organ, bassist Jack Barber, drummer Johnny Perez, and percussionist Leon Beatty (who didn’t stick around for too long); saxophonist Frank Morin was added after a short time. Meaux gave them the deceptively British-sounding name the Sir Douglas Quintet and released their debut single, “Sugar Bee,” on his Pacemaker label in 1964; and followed up with the next single, the British Invasion/garage-flavored “She’s About a Mover” (on a different Meaux label, Tribe), became a classic of Tex-Mex rock and an international hit, climbing into the U.S. Top 20 in 1965. Later that year, “The Rains Came” hit the Top 40 and Meauxassembled an LP from their singles sessions with the misleading title “The Best of the Sir Douglas Quintet. Have a listen to the album